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Avoid Bankruptcy – Get Debt Free

We deal with your creditors and eliminate your debt.

Avoid the harmful effects of a consumer proposal or bankruptcy. There is another way and it’s called Debt Settlement.

Regardless of whether your debts are just unpaid for a while, in collections or you are being sued, GEM can negotiate settlements with your creditors. We typically reduce debts by more than 45% of the principal and we pass these savings onto you…

Debt Settlement is a lawful and effective alternative to get out of debt. Whereas, Consumer Proposal stays on your credit report for years, preventing you from getting loans and credit…

More money to support family

Extra funds to enjoy life

What is Debt Settlement?

Debt Settlement involves negotiating with collection agencies or creditors (and their lawyers), for the purpose of obtaining an agreement for a reduced payment of the debt.

In other words, approached properly and methodically, creditors may be willing to accept a much lesser amount to settle and closeout your outstanding accounts.

You pay less, save money and the collection calls stop.


Stop garnishment or property seizure, unfreeze bank accounts ...


Our Law Firm Defends You against creditor lawsuits ...


Speak with a Legal Team Member and get immediate answers. Over-the-phone support; we pick up instantly.


We demand that collection agents never call you again ...

Carefully monitored by legal professionals.
Utilizing anti-collection strategies and defence litigation procedures.

How to…

Instantly end enforcements

Notify collectors to Cease & Desist

Qualify for a loan when lenders deny you

Our endorsement = Priority Status on your application


Avoid paying accumulated interest

Creditors can waive it

Don’t waste time with credit counselling

Budgeting alone won’t do it

What else…

Extract equity from mortgaged property

Pay off debts in under a month

Only pay a portion of the principal balance

Fully settle the debt


Minimize payment of back taxes to CRA

Do it legally

Every client, no matter their debt amount, benefits tremendously from our Debt Resolution Program – customized to their financial circumstances.

Committed to Helping Our Clients Get Out of Debt.

GEM negotiate the terms of your debt with each creditor…
We strive to settle your outstanding accounts for a fraction of the outstanding amount.

This saves you thousands of dollars and puts you on a path toward full financial recovery.

Maxed out, overdue, unpaid, in default.

Credit Cards
Business Loan
Canada Revenue Tax
Unsecured Credit
Commercial Rent
Vehicle Lease
Personal Loan
Equipment Leases
Property Tax
Consumer Loans
Bailiff Demands

Get a Bailout AND Legal Protection from Collectors.

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We have brought together a team of legal and financial professionals, bolstering our expertise and reputation as a debt settlement firm.